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  (verse 1)
A walk in the sand on a golden beach,
a gentle wind skims the ocean waves,
another sunset, a southern exposure,
cruising the coast, idyllic days,
We call it Long Beach...

(verse 2)
Children sing and play, in the green grass,
in the park there is music, on a summer's eve,
a game on the field, a cheering crowd,
the Queen's horn sounds, carried on a breeze,
We call it Long Beach, we call it Long Beach...

It's always sunny in Long Beach,
It's always sunny in Long Beach,
It's always sunny in Long Beach,
We call it home, we call it home...

(verse 3)
Oh, we've got the West Side and Downtown,
there's Wrigley and Ocean Boulevard,
We've got El Dorado and Los Altos,
Bixby Knolls and North Town and the Heights,
a city called Wilmore and Belmont Shore,
Just call it Long Beach...

(verse 4)
The Peninsula, the Islands and Beaches,
a Corridor and a World Port,
an Airport and a University,
a Pyramid is quite a sight for diversity,
We call it Long Beach...

The roar, the crowd, the sights the sounds,
means the Grand Prix is back in town,
under the Tower and the Villa Riviera,
Does this town know, how to throw a party...

(to chorus)

(verse 5)
Oh you say you want ethnic, we've got it all
and it's 24 hours, mmm,
oh we've got Thai food and we've got gyros,
Mexican and soul food are just next door,
French and Italian and there's more, mmm,

(verse 6)
Cambodian, Vietnamese,
Persian and food from the Phillipines,
and don't forget your burger and fries
-- to go, mmm,
we call it Long Beach, we call it Long Beach...
(chorus -- repeat and fade)

About the Long Beach Song

Over a million downloads since its posting to the web, the Long Beach Song is the "Official Unofficial Song of Long Beach" or perhaps the "Unofficial Official Song of Long Beach" -- Either way it is a fun lyrical tour of Long Beach, California.

It was written on a nice warm late November afternoon… One last note -- any similarities to other songs are “purely coincidental…”

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A musical and lyrical tour of the city of Long Beach, California
COPYRIGHT 1995 & 2006 Artist Network & Lorenzo Gigliotti