MAX WEST Rich & Famous Collection
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Sometimes long forgotten tunes can suddenly resurface and fit in perfectly. Long Beach band, MAX WEST has re-released its "Rich and Famous Collection" EP in MP3 format, with two bonus tracks. MAX WEST* a Southern California band, which played throughout the southland in the 1980s and in many circles was well known as one of the “best bands to never be signed,” disbanded in 1988. Since then the driving duo behind the band, Gigolo and Gomadz, have pursued various music, art and technology projects. With the resurgence of rock-laced pop, a new audience is now poised to appreciate MAX WEST's brand of irony, intertwined with fun melodies, catchy lyrics, infectious choruses and driving beats.

MAX WEST Rich & Famous Collection
Click to enlarge MAX WEST Rich & Famous Collection The "Rich and Famous Collection's" original four tracks included the show opener, "The Waiting is Over" followed immediately by the arena surf tune "Zuma" (featuring the "Ring Announcer"). The EP's other two original tracks -- "Satisfaction" a seemingly benign pop tune with cutting lyrics delivered so innocently that you don't even feel the sting, is followed by "The Sound" -- a song that transcends words -- a piece that a Polyphonic Spree fan would understand.

This new release features two bonus tracks -- "Friends" and "It's Always Sunny in Long Beach." "Friends" prophetic lyric, written years before the show, describes the "friends phenomena" of TV and the socio-cultural trend of today's modern extended family.

* "Maximum West" or MAX WEST, the band -- not to be confused with the "bon-vivant" critic of the same name. MAX WEST is a registered trademark.

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