Wireless Hot Zones
(Wireless Hot Spots & WiFi Clouds)


Wifi Marketing Opportunities
Once a user logs into the system, our portal will enable your merchants to promote their wares through banner ads, auto-forwarding or through event alerts.

Sales Drivers
By analyzing the usage of the wireless network, you will be able to create composite profiles. These profiles will maximize the effects of your merchant advertising. Determining the interests of your users will give your merchants an edge in selecting the most efficient times for posting wifi sales, "loss leaders" or other events that will bring customers to their nearby business.

Wifi Attracts Customers
Making a wireless connection available to your visitors will soon be an expectation. More and more people are carrying wifi capable laptops, Pocket PC's (PPC) and personal assistants (PDA's) with them as they go about their daily routine. Being in constant touch with their office and email has become commonplace in today's environment.

Keeping Customers
Once your visitors become accustomed to wireless access at your location, they will consider that a "plus," when making their plans about where to lunch or shop.

Services Promotions
There are numerous ways to offer your services or the services of other preferred vendors. Vendors will be charged fees for their inclusion in your preferred promotions.


Quick Wireless Internet Access
The system will allow any laptop or pda equipped with a 802.11b WiFi card to access the Internet with no hassle. (Note - 802.11g is compatible)

Less Need to Leave Your Location
Visitors will not feel pressed for time when they have the ability to check email or log into their office intranet.

Do Business While Dining or Shopping
Besides being able to access their email, visitors can also utilize the system for a lunch-time online presentation right at their table or even teleconference with the home office while dining with prospective clients.

Shopping Through Advertising Alerts
Visitors can be alerted to new events, such as special sales, entertainment or other activities that may interest them.

A Reason to Return to Your Venue
Knowing that you offer flexible wireless connectivity is something that many visitors will find attractive enough to make your location a repeat destination.

"FEE" or "FREE" Business Models
Read this discussion from the Wall Street Journal concerning these two business models
Click here to view article

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