Lorenzo Gigliotti on the NBC Today Show
Lorenzo Gigliotti founder of G-site Web demonstrates the Long Beach Hot Zone during taping of a piece about WiFi to be featured on Peter Greenberg's Travel Expert segment of the "NBC Today Show."
Wireless Hot Zones
(Wireless Hot Spots & WiFi Clouds)
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Few firms can say that they have installed large scale "turnkey" wifi hot spots

As a principal partner in the Downtown Long Beach "Hot Zone" and the Long Beach Airport "Hot Zone," G-site gained valuable insight into the practical development of indoor and outdoor wifi hot spots, as well as wifi portals. The projects involved indoor and outdoor applications, restaurant, retail and the retrofit of an historical landmark. We have developed relationships with the key personnel and manufacturers who participated in the Long Beach hot spots -- two of the largest, municipally backed, wifi projects in the world. With our experience and the experience of our partners we are capable of designing and installing the necessary hardware, as well as custom portal and backend software for both, "free" and "fee-based" systems. Our system models are extremely flexible and capable of satisfying your requirements.
We have developed several fee-based and free wifi business models:
  • Fee based models for office buildings, high-rises and home developments
  • Amenity based models for office buildings high-rises and home developments
  • Outdoor facilities and campus models
  • Large venue models for convention and tourist facilities
  • Self sustaining models for municipal wifi or community wifi
  • Economic models addressing digital divide issues
  • Flex-models for retail, restaurants and shopping centers
  • Transit (mobile) models for public transportation, RV parks and marinas
"FEE" or "FREE" Business Models
Read this discussion from the Wall Street Journal concerning these two business models
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G-site can provide your venue with a "turnkey" profit generating wireless "Hot Zone"

G-site's experience with portal development and emerging broadband wireless technologies have been packaged into a flexible solution for your building, campus or other installation. Combining radio hardware, 802.11 technology, controlled access and a customized portal, a G-site "Wireless Hot Zone" will provide your venue with the ability to provide wireless internet connections for guests, visitors, residents or groups. We have experience with large installations covering city shopping districts spanning several blocks, corporate networks, public buildings and smaller locations.
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(* 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11a, 802.11x, wf, radio and fixed wireless broadband)

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