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Personalized Alfisti Cars

George's '87 Giulietta

George's '87 Giulietta
George's '87 Giulietta (Thailand)

This little red riding Giulietta is from the 1987 year. It started out life as the 1.8 litre model, but has gone the heart transplant route 3 times already and the last one was a major modification all around.

Engine: A new 2.0 litre engine with new higher compression ratio BORGO 10.4 : 1 set, new TRW valves set, SHANKLE camshafts, 45 DCOE WEBER, CUSTOM header and exhaust pipe, ACCEL hot coil and spark plug wiring, heavy duty TRW water pump and gasoline pump, BOSCH electro-magnatic distributor and 95 amp. alternator, Etc.

Suspension : KONI sports on 4 corners , ZENDER mag 7 x 15 , thicker front torsion bars , lower coil spring at the back.

Interior : LUISI steering wheel , shorten gear shifter.

My little red Giulietta sits a little lower, handles a little firmer, rev a little quicker and higher , torque a little stronger, goes a little quicker and faster, makes a little NICER sound, consumes MUCH more fuel and me ....... smiling broader! George
Here are some photos of my 1986 Spider. It has a Shankle Quadrifoglio body kit, Shankle Super Sport springs, and 16x7.5 Serpent Autosport wheels with 205/50ZR16 Kumho tires. This combination works as good as it looks!
Charlie DiMarco
Charlie DiMarco's '86
Charlie DiMarco's '86

Dave's GTV This is a 1974 that I made some modifications to...along with a complete rebuild, paint, engine etc.. All my work.. custom wood work on the interior. Front end grill out of a 69, which I think is much classier.. installed a 16 gallon gastank into a rusted out trunk area. Lot's of little improvements, eliminated the side marker lights for a nice flow, gas filler is behind the license plate in the rear...There's more to it but I thought I would send this real quick. I know its not exotic...but it's me... Dave
Here's a pic of my 78 Alfa Spider. It has been modified and "restored"....I re-did the paint with PPG ALFA Romeo 501 RED. Tom Hudson, Flint, MI Tom's '78 Spider
'81 Spider --LG 1981 Spider -- Flared to accomodate P265 rear tires. Also features monochrome bumpers and a 1974 grill...LG, California
Alfa Romeo Pick-up truck
owned by Ed & Shayna Geller. It was originally a 1967 Giulia Super
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