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3 V-6 SuperSpiders at Monterey 
Concorso Italiano - Seaside, California -
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Three V-6 SuperSpiders made the trek up to Monterey and left quite an impression!
Nick, Dario and some early morning visitors - Concorso Italiano - Seaside, California - Click to read story

Two Spider V6 Conversions - 
Best of France & Italy Car Show -
Woodley Park -
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Spider Veloce V6 Retrofit
Still Alfa, Still Italian,
But Only In America!

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Spider V6 Retrofit The Super Spider V6

My Alfa Spider V6 retrofit!

The "SuperSpider" Idea
Since the GTV 6 was introduced in 1980, many Spider owners and enthusiasts have pondered the fantasy of stuffing a V6 under the hood of the classic Spider Veloce. The fantasy was always tempered with the reality that the Alfa Romeo Spider’s aggressively sloping hood and tight engine compartment design presents many challenges to successfully achieving such a fit.

Spider V6 Retrofit The Spider’s challenges are a direct result of the classic body style that has made the Spider such a stylistic icon – the challenges include:
  • Fitting the V6 under the aggressively sloping hood
    (Which has no excess clearance)
  • Fitting the engine into the tight area between the firewall and the radiator
  • Accommodating the V6’s dual exhaust headers
  • Conforming to stringent emission standards (Especially California)
  • Acquiring the proper emissions documents and tags

Alfa Romeo V6 & Maserati Trans. profile
Alfa Tech

A few years ago, Master Alfa Romeo Technician, Nick Muto, the former owner of Alfa Tech Center in La Habra decided that he would tackle the V6 project. He took his own 1974 Spider Veloce, gutted the engine compartment and began doing something that few Alfisti have attempted -- installing the high-performance Milano Alfa V6 -- an engine designed for a 5 passenger sport sedan weighing 3800 lbs* into the 2900 lb* Spider (*GVWR). His result differed from those achieved by most others who attempted similar projects. This retrofit succeeded in creating a V6 Spider that retains both its Alfa Romeo and Italian heritage, will pass emissions requirements and drives nicely on the street.

Header detail Keeping the Marque Interesting – American Style…
With no new Alfas bound for U.S. shores anytime soon it is fun to be able to present a possibility for the classic Spider. Many Spiders are now reaching an unneccesary end of their road-life and as a result are being retired. Many, are worn out, while others are simply unable to pass the difficult emissions testing. Many owners who have invested money and time into engine modifications to make the little Spider more “vispa,” now find that they have a beautiful Italian classic that is unable to pass the ever-more-stringent emissions tests. This has left many loyal owners with a dilemma; Re-install all of the original equipment and put the car back to its original stock engine specifications or retire the vehicle. Many, who have remained loyal, love this car, simply don’t want to part with it. We want to somehow maintain that little added sport feel and still be able to drive this car.

What’s Old is New…
This is the same roadster who’s styling was criticized so thoroughly during the 1980’s, but who’s elements are now being copied by every wanna-be sports car on the market. An observation of some of the "distinctive" design features of the new breed of sports cars seem to lead back to the Alfa Romeo Spider/Duetto. Clear headlight covers, which were one of the original features of the Duetto and were available on many years of Spiders, are suddenly the rage. The aggressively sloping hood is being emulated almost across the board. Distinctive speedometer and tachometer cowls once called “60’s tackiness” are inspiring new dash board designs in the vehicles that were once called “more sophisticated than the Spider.” The fact is, that the Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce was and is a classic. There are few cars that can turn heads like it – even after 30 years of production.

V6 Installed Rebirth -- Rinascita…
The V6 retrofit has breathed new life and added vitality into my polite classic – I always enjoyed my Spider before, but with the Alfa Romeo V6, mated to a smooth Maserati Bi-Turbo transmission, it is an Italian roadster that can keep up with the times.

Alfa V6 Conversion Photos
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Spider V6 Retrofit Spider V6 Retrofit Spider V6 Retrofit
Spider V6 Retrofit Spider V6 Retrofit Spider V6 Retrofit
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